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1. Data controller


The Data Controller
Name: Integrated Conference Solutions Kft.
Address: Tokaj, Toldi street 7, ZIP: H-3910
Email Address:
VAT number: 25866481-2-05

2. The purpose, legal basis and duration of the processing of personal data

The purpose of the data management is to ensure the provision of services available on the data manager's web site, the fulfillment of a contract concluded between the data controller and the user registered on the web site of the data controller.
The legal basis for data processing is Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Regulation (EC) No 95/46 / ('the GDPR'), Article 6 (1) (b).
The data handler manages the user's personal data below:
Users registering on the data handler's website:
- Title
- First name
- Last name
- Name as it would appear on the badge
- Affiliation 
- Email 
- Do you need invitation letter in order to apply for visa?
- Food preferences (e.g. vegetarian)
- Food sensitivity/allergies
- Billing Name (this appears on the invoice)
- Institution
- Country
- City 
- Postal Code
- Address 
- VAT number
- IEEE number
The personal data processed by the data controller is voluntary. At the same time, if the user does not enter the personal data specified by the data handler during registration or purchase on the data manager's website, he can not register or can not buy on the data manager's website.
The Data Controller
the personal data of the users registering the data on the data manager's web site are deleted by the user registration or by the data handler
the personal data handled by registered users who purchase the data on the data manager's web site after the expiration of the validity period of the warranty and other claims in connection with the contract between the data controller and the registered user
immediately after deletion.
3. Forwarding personal data
Regarding the personal data processed, the name and address of the data handler is transferred to the postal service provider (including a third-country postal service provider) by the data controller for the purpose of delivering the product purchased by the registered user to the registered user through the data handler and the registered user ).
4. Rights of data subjects
The data subject is entitled to manage his personal data from the data controller
  • be informed about the circumstances of data management;
  • to request the rectification of personal data or, in cases determined under the GDPR,
  • request limitation of data handling;
  • access to your personal data;
  • to protest against data handling.
In the absence of automated data management for the data controller, the data subject's right to data storage and the ability to object to automated decision-making is not affected. Since the legal basis for data processing is Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR, the party concerned may not exercise the right of protest.
An application for the rights of the data subject concerned may be submitted in writing or by electronic means addressed to the data controller's representative in one of the contact details of point 1.
The data controller shall decide upon the request without undue delay, within one month of the receipt of the request and inform the affected party of the measures taken on the request or, if no action is taken, of the reasons for this, of the supervisory authority's complaint or of the possibility of filing a legal remedy.
The deadline for action may be extended, if necessary, by an additional two months in view of the complexity of the application and the requests. The applicant shall be informed by the controller of the extension of the time-limit by giving one of the reasons for his request within one month from the receipt of the request.
If the claim in question is clearly unfounded or excessive, the data controller may charge or refuse the measure.
(a) Right of information to the person concerned
The Data Controller shall ensure by providing the publication of this Prospectus that all information specified in Article 13 of the GDPR relating to the processing of personal data shall be made available to the data subject concerned.
(b) Right of access to the data subject
After attesting to the identity of the person concerned, he or she is entitled to receive feedback from the data controller about the handling of his / her personal data. Information about the exercise of the right of access is provided by the data controller in writing, by post or by electronic means.
(c) Right to rectification and deletion
The data subject may ask the data controller to correct inaccurate data.
The data subject shall have the right to delete the personal data relating to him without delay upon a reasoned request. The data controller is required to delete personal data if:
  • personal data is no longer needed for the purpose from which they were handled;
  • the person concerned objects to data manipulation and has no prior legitimate reason for data handling;
  • the personal data should be deleted for the legal obligation of the data controller applicable to the law of the Union or of the Member States.
  • The person concerned may not exercise his right of cancellation, inter alia, where data management is concerned
with a view to fulfilling the obligation of the Union or of the Member States to enforce personal data to the data controller,
to present, enforce or protect legal claims
d) Right to Restrict Data Management
The data subject shall be entitled to limit the processing of data to a data controller on a reasoned request if:
  • the person concerned challenges the accuracy of personal data (as long as the data controller checks the accuracy of the data);
  • data processing is illegal and the data subject is opposed to the deletion of the data;
  • the data controller no longer needs personal data for data processing purposes but the data subject requires them to submit, enforce, or protect legal claims;
  • the party objected to the data handling (until the data controller refused the protest request).
During the restriction, personal data may be further processed, with the exception of storage, only in the case of data handling related to the consent of the person concerned or the enforcement of legal claims.
5. Remedies
a) Submitting a complaint to the data controller
If you intend to lodge a complaint in connection with the handling of your personal information, contact the data controller in one of the contact details listed under point 1.
b) Launch of court proceedings
If you have a breach of your rights in connection with the exercise of your rights in the possession of your personal data, you may initiate a civil lawsuit against the data controller. The trial is a court of law. The proceedings may be initiated before the tribunal of the place of residence or residence of the person concerned. The court proceeds out of court. In the event of an infringement, you may claim damages and damages, and the court may require the data controller to exercise the rights of the person concerned.
(c) Submitting a complaint to the supervisory authority
If you have any concerns about the handling of your personal data, you may contact your National Data Protection and Information Authority with your complaint.
Availability of authority:
Phone: +36 1 391 1400
Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf .: 5.