Poster information

E-Posters at ICCC 2024


ICCC 2024 provides fancy e-poster presentation possibility in order to maximize the

convenience and effectiveness of the poster presentation. Due to the only acceptable

poster format at ICCC 2024 is the e-poster formats given below.


In order to make your job easier the TPC of ICCC 2024 provides the following e-poster templates:

1. Powerpoint


Powerpoint template Latex template
Download -




Fixed properties which must not been modified:

-Color. The conference theme color is already set in the templates.

-Size and structure. The size and structure of the templates are also given - please do not modify these because modification may cause 

the distortion of your e-poster on the used screen.

-Size of fonts. The size of the fonts for all purposes (e.g. Title, Affiliation, Section heading, Normal text, etc.) are already set - please use these sizes

to keep the good visibility (the smallest size is determined by the normal text).

-Heading. Please use the original heading and fill the entries with your data - extension is permitted.

-One-pager. Your poster must consists of one page.


Everything else can be freely modified including the size of boxes in the middle, the partial structure, logos, type of the fonts, etc.


Your poster - regardless it is created as a LaTeX poster or PowerPoint poster - must be save as high quality PDF (use at least 600 DPI while saving).


The name of the e-poster must contain the name of the presenter and the Easychair ID.


Send your e-poster to the The acronym of the conference (ICCC 2024) must be included to the subject of your e-mail.


*Other editors also can be used to prepare your poster. However, in this case you also have to follow the Guideline when you prepare your poster. If you chose this

you can find all settings in the attached TeX file (such as sizes of poster and fonts, RGB codes, pictures and so on).